Northwinds Golf Course

701 South Shore Trail
Central City
,  PA  

Northwinds Golf Course was built in the early 1960s and opened in May 1964 as the original 9-hole course at Indian Lake in Stonycreek Township, PA. It was part of the original plan for the private gated community at Indian Lake. By 1967 Indian Lake had become a Borough, separate from the developer/development.

In late 1990 Lake Properties, the current owners, bought the Northwinds Lodge and the adjoining Golf Course and rejuvenated both, eventually combining them under the single name of Indian Lake Resort. They expanded the golf course to its current 18 holes in 1994. In 2005 Lake Properties sold the Lodge and the Indian Lake Resort name, but kept the golf course, renaming it the Northwinds Golf Course. Though independently owned, the Lodge and Northwinds still enjoy a close working relationship. The Northwinds Golf Course is managed by Chris and Kelly Smith. The Smith family members are principals of Lake Properties, Inc. Northwinds is owner-operated and maintained, and it shows!

  9 holes 18 holes
Weekday $17.50 $35
Weekend/Holiday $20 $40


Tee Times: 

Tee times are highly recommended but not required; walk-ons welcomed.

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Visit the Northwinds Golf Course website for a photo tour of some of their course