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Course Review: Standing Stone Golf Club

Review Date: 
July 2, 2018

We were invited to travel to Huntingdon, PA to play the Standing Stone Golf Club. Located only a few miles outside of Huntingdon on Route 26 towards State College, Standing Stone offers a fun 18-hole course with a variety of hole designs. This historic course was voted the #1 public golf course in Huntingdon County in 2015.

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Normally, when we review golf courses, it is done as a single player, but I switched things up a little this time and took my 12-yr old son with me. Golf Pro Matt Willinsky greeted us when we arrived and offered some great advice for the course and how it can be fun for both a beginner and more experienced golfer. We really enjoyed this course. The area had received about three inches of rain only a few days before we played and handled the excess water well. Other than a few expected wet spots and puddles, the course was in great shape and the wet spots really didn't come into play at all. With that said, there were quite a few natural water hazards spread throughout the course that required some thoughtful shot selection. Several holes required a tee shot over water into open fairways while others required a more precise shot to avoid the hazards. 

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Most holes had at least one sand bunker. A number of holes had multiple bunkers near the green. It is not out of the question to hit into one bunker, then shoot out of it, across the green, right into another bunker. Your short game will be tested. The elevation changes vary throughout the course. Most notably on holes 11, 12 and 13 where there is a steep climb up to the green (11) and then a nice tee shot back down the hill to #12, and back up the hill to #13. The uphill shots may require an extra club to make up for the change. The course is mostly open, with only a few holes along the forest. An errant shot to an open area can often be recovered back to your hole, but if you hit the trees or the many tall grass areas designed into the course, be prepared to drop and take a penalty - all part of the experience of playing a fun, yet challenging course. 

Favorite Holes:

Hole #1 - This Par 5 is a great way to start the day. A fairly straight, dry, long (525 yards) and flat hole, if you can hit it straight and long, you have a chance to reach the green in two. 

Hole #4 - A relatively short Par 3 (155 yards), this hole requires a precise tee shot. The green is blocked by sand bunkers in the front with only a narrow gap between them if you are short. 

Hole#12 - Your tee shot will get some extra carry on this downhill Par 4. The elevation drops quite a bit from tee to green and you should be able to be on in two. An errant shot to the left will allow you to recover, but if you go right, you will find yourself in a thick wooded area and most likely require a new ball. 

hole 16 tee.jpgHole #16 - The signature hole at Standing Stone Golf Club, this dogleg left Par 4 requires each shot to be accurate and well planned. The dogleg is about 200 yards from the hole. If you go too far to the left, you'll be in the creek flowing along the hole. Anything long or right and you will find yourself in either tall grass or trees. Assuming you place your tee shot accurately, you then have to shoot over a natural water hazard to finish the last 200 yards. Stay a bit right on your second shot to avoid the creek. The course designers did take it easy on you by not placing any sand bunkers on this hole, but with the layout and water features, you will be challenged enough without them. 

Hole #17 - A nice Par 3 requiring a shot over water to the green. If you are short, your ball has a really good chance of falling back into the water, so our advice would be to go a bit long if necessary.

If you are ever looking for a fun course nestled in the country, but still close to home, we highly recommend Standing Stone Golf Club. Check them out on our website or directly at http://standingstonegolf.club/