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The Central PA Golf Guide is central Pennsylvania's premiere golf related website. Our site is visited by thousands of people every month—You could be too! Advertise your business on our website and let others find you!

Benefits for you:

  • Cost-effective advertising and promotion
  • FREE promotion on our Facebook page
  • Guaranteed exposure to thousands of viewers each month
  • Reach a large LOCAL demographic
  • Quick conversions
  • Flexibility
  • More time for your business

Banner advertisements

Let people see your business by placing a banner advertisement on our site. We'll place it on every page (above the Facebook section on the right) for maximum exposure. Sizes and types of ads can vary and are negotiable. Spread the word about your business to all of Central Pennsylvania!

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Trades / Barters

Don't have a budget to purchase advertising space on our website? No problem! In lieu of money, we are happy to trade services. Your business would provide the Central PA Golf Guide with a gift certificate for your location or some other type of good or service equal to the amount of advertising you want to obtain. The Central PA Golf Guide will then provide your business with the appropriate amount of advertising / publicity on our website. It's that simple. Advertising trades are a win-win for all involved.

Note: While we are open to all suggestions on trades, not all trade proposals will be accepted.

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Sponsor a Contest on Central PA Golf Guide

This is a very simple concept. Your business provides the Central PA Golf Guide with a complimentary item and we hold a contest on our website and Facebook page and give it away to the lucky winner. There is no money involved—only goods. Your business will be noted as the Sponsor of the contest and will receive free publicity throughout the duration of the promotion. By giving away a free item, you will be enticing people to use that free item and come visit your business and purchase additional good or services.

All that we ask is that each "prize" be worth $25 or more.

Suggested items to provide for a contest:

  • Gift Certificate / Gift Card
  • Free Shirt, Hat, etc. with your company logo*
  • Free Concert / Sporting Event Tickets
  • Free Amusement Park passes
  • Free Golf / Mini Golf passes (for at least 2 people)*
  • Any other item you wish to provide of at least $25 in value.

*Some items may be permitted to have a total value less than $25.

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